Project Management

There are simple things that an organization can do to strengthen its service offering, bolster its strategic position, and increase its level of investment-worthiness.  One of those things is Project Management, or PM.

PM can take many forms and can be extremely sophisticated if that's what your organization needs.  Most organizations, though, simply need a way of making sure that what needs to get done gets done, by the right person(s), by the right time.  For some organizations, assigning action items during meetings is all that is necessary.  For most organizations, though, managing what has been delegated is a crucial, yet missing, part of the organization's culture.

Ferrone Associates works with an organization's leaders to empower them to manage the technical assistance and consulting engagement in a way that role models how they can manage future projects when Ferrone Associates is no longer involved.  It's a simple approach to PM:

1.   Focus:  Understand and agree upon the scope of work to be done (and why it is being done, and what the results and outcomes should be). 

2.   Approach:  Discuss and agree how to best execute the project scope of work (including who will be involved, doing what, and following what timeline). 

3.   Communication:  Participate in regular communication with team members and the organization leaders, and provide consistent updates and milestone checks to ensure that the project is progressing along the right path (make adjustments as needed when new variables present themselves).

4.   Follow-Through:  As the project nears its completion, discuss and evaluate the results and outcomes to ensure that they are what was needed and expected. 

"He has pushed us to make tough choices and to follow through, and he has done it lovingly, if I can be so bold as to say that about a consultant.  He has done this without ever doing it for us.  It's just a knack that he has... to help us help ourselves, without controlling us or doing the work for us."  

Candy Kennedy, Executive Director, Nebraska Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health

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