Mission and Philosophy

The Mission of Ferrone Associates is to assist organizations to identify, seek, and attain their next level of excellence.

So what do we mean by next level of excellence?  It's a phrase that is often tossed around lightly, and sometimes overused in different settings.  Our take on it is this: the level that your organization is at today is one level below what it needs to be at tomorrow in order to remain sustainable.

But still, what is your excellence?  Our Philosophy is that the answer to this question cannot be arrived at simply through a SWOT assessment, or some other objective tool that tells you the lay of the land.  Sure, those types of tools are important in helping you figure out how to plan and implement initiatives to move your organization along your desired path.  But excellence is rooted deeper than surface level analysis.  It is rooted in your personal passion.  Everything that is excellent has always come from someone's passion, someone's drive, someone's heart.

People go beyond great and achieve excellence when their drive is rooted in their heart.  It is the same with organizations.  Thus it is critical that an organization understand and believe that its future excellence is a matter of the heart.

Ferrone Associates engages all levels of a business or organization--the Board, the Leadership Team, the Staff, and the people whom it serves--in order to understand the heart of the organization, the affection and values of the people who comprise the organization, and the passion and purpose of the organization.  And we use this understanding of the passion and purpose to facilitate discussions that determine what is meant by the word excellence.

"He has pushed us to make tough choices and to follow through, and he has done it lovingly, if I can be so bold as to say that about a consultant.  He has done this without ever doing it for us.  It's just a knack that he has... to help us help ourselves, without controlling us or doing the work for us."  

Candy Kennedy, Executive Director, Nebraska Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health

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Nurse Home Visitation Mental Health Strategic Planning

Mr. Ferrone led a strategic planning effort to design a nurse home visitation program enhancement that would train home visitation nurses with a new mental health early intervention skill set. The planning process was part of a juvenile justice grant application, and it required the orchestration...

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